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10 Responses to “MENU”

  1. rgc2 Says:

    I dont like your herb buns mister! &….. AND i think your sauces are too rich. but i do like your angle. get these ingredients right and i swear i will leave my wife (burger fuel) to have hot crazy burger sex with you

  2. murderburger Says:

    It’s the old “some people like blondes, some people like brunettes” dilemma. Except with buns.

    So far our herb buns have gone down a treat with everybody except all the people that don’t like our herb buns.

    But that’s OK because we also have plain buns so if you don’t want a herb bun you can just ask to have your burger made on a plain bun that has no herbs in it whatsoever.

    This may fit your sexual requirements better rgc2.

  3. rgc2 Says:

    Ok sweet i didn’t know that… ok then, well let the foreplay begin!

    P.S. Who are you guys & where did you come from – I only ask this because i think you have done an outstanding job in marketing yourself and your Brand. good shit!

  4. revolution01 Says:

    I would like to complain about the lack of vegetarian options on your menu. I really think given that vegetarianism is fairly broadly accepted that there could be more to cater for those of us that don’t wanna eat meat or maybe meat eaters who fancy a change? (I appreciate that’s not part of your core brand with a title like murder burger but aren’t you about good quality healthy food?)

    I would also like to point out Burger Fuel offers several vegetarian options.

  5. murderburger Says:

    Wow… where to begin…

    Firstly, you are quite right – we are about good quality healthy food. That’s why all our burgers are constructed using the age old advice of the Food Pyramid, whose wisdom instructs us to kill and eat the little beefs and lambs and chickens along with a healthy serving from both the fruit/vegetable and bread/cereal groups.

    Secondly, your idea of us catering vegetarian food to ‘meat eaters that might want a change’ is a good one. But not as good as our current policy of having no vegetarian options at all, and thereby catering to ‘vegetarians that might want to eat meat for a change’.

    Thirdly, thank you for pointing out that Burger Fuel offers several vegetarian options. I would also like to add to that by pointing out that their address is 114 Ponsonby Road, they have a family friendly atmosphere and pretty good parking. Its possible they may even be interested in organising some sort of ‘Vegetarian Wednesday’ for you and your friends.

  6. blerkie Says:

    I am an avowed vegan; I drink distilled rainwater and, occasionally, herbal tea made from same. I ride a 3-speed bike, to ensure a zero-carbon footprint. I want to know, that, if I try one of your burgers, can you assure me that you have dedicated utensils for vegan burgers? Are your herbs (in your buns) grown organically, and are they watered with rain water and not by tap water? Also, I’d like to know if you will expand your menu to include a parsnip, cucumber and lettuce burger, sometime in the near future? Thank you.

  7. murderburger Says:

    Rest assured Blerkie, the gun we use to shoot our beef is kept completely separate from the axe we use to kill our chickens.

    Also we do currently have a parsnip, cucumber and lettuce burger, except it’s got beef and cheese in it and doesn’t have the parsnips or cucumers.

  8. blerkie Says:

    Like, the Fallen virgin, saving herself for marriage: in a moment of unbridled and wanton abandonment, yesterday afternoon, I took leave of my sensibilities and succumbed to one of your ($8.90) burgers. I thought it was pretty good (meat pattie was excellent); though I found the sauce a tad strong. Maybe if the ‘Tattooed One’ had been a bit lighter with it, I wouldn’t have minded. Verdict: 7.5/10

    Meanwhile, to restore my “chasteness”, I continue to gargle with Pineoclean.

  9. murderburger Says:

    Sometimes you’re just buggered either way Blerkie – we had a few people come in the last few weeks who reckoned we didn’t put enough sauce on the burgers so we upped the amount over the weekend. Tomorrow we’ll look at taking it down a notch again – all because of you Blerkie. So now you can die knowing that you have made a difference in the world just by being here.

    Interesting side fact: the ‘Tattooed One’ could be any one of 17 people currently working at Murder Burger.

  10. blerkie Says:

    Hi, revisited yesterday afterooon (around 2pm) with my wife.
    All the elements that go into producing a standout burger were there. My wife loved her one. Kudos to the two girls for producing a great burger, and the friendly “See ya” — as we went out the door — was a nice touch. Rating: 10/10

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