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I always thought it was weird for food places to have a website that told you all about their food.  The way I figure it you’ve already heard their food is either great or suck and having a website saying “Hey, we’re actually awesome” is going to make bugger all difference to you ever going there.

Hell, the only reason we bought this URL in the first place was to stop someone else from getting it so we’re just going to use it to post interesting stuff and then claim it all back as a tax expense under the broad term “marketing”.


13 Responses to “About etc..”

  1. andymacnz Says:

    you’re right a self congratulatory we make great burgers mightn’t make a jot of diff but a menu might help us order takeaways ya think?

  2. murderburger Says:

    Yeah good call, Menu’s up on the right-hand side now fella.

  3. mardijo Says:

    It may be lame to tell people how great your food is, but you sure manage to show people the personality behind your store through this blog, and as I’m sure you can tell you have people all over the world loving your store. I know when/if i go to NZ I’ll be stopping by to try out your food.

  4. hakanoa Says:

    and when are you offering your Cat Burgers?

  5. artklick Says:

    Bro – this is the funniest website/company I have come across for so long!

    If you are looking to expand to Wellington I’m keen to give you a hand with some funny guerrilla marketing stunts.

    I bet you have a cult following already.

    haha Murder Burger. Will definitely come in for a burger next time I’m up.

    All the best

  6. murderburger Says:

    I´ve actually had cat when I was in Vietnam. They tried to tell me it was chicken but it had four legs.

  7. murderburger Says:

    Cheers Artclick!

    Some good stunts might be to blow up the beehive or maybe Te Papa… and then after a furious manhunt (involving over 1000 New Zealand Police and Special Forces soldiers) when they finally catch you and ask you why you did it you could yell at the top of your voice from the back of the paddy wagon “Murder Burger! Real fillet steak patties!”.

    I think it would prove to be a success.

  8. artklick Says:

    Haha yeah or maybe we could put a whole lot of Murder Burgers on a plane and then shine lasers into planes cockpits and on the off chance of completely blinding the pilot and somehow overriding the auto-pilot system – it would crash into the beehive – filling Wellington with the delicious smell of murder burgers and crispy politicians.

    That would be some next level guerrilla marketing for sure.

    PS Congrats on going viral – half the office has heard of you!

  9. grumblemouse Says:

    you guys fucking rule balls

  10. rgc2 Says:

    yea good shit MB I agree with artklick…Long may you run! Next time your in Remuera ,come down to the Gun Club, we can shoot a few rounds and talk biz


  11. rgc2 Says:

    Also whoever did your branding, graphic shit, logos & ad wanking, should be all be given bloweys, cos it rules.


  12. sarahmariee Says:

    Hey I am from Los Angeles but i happened to stumbled upon your blog site and it turns out that I am studying abroad in Auckland this semester at AUT, So I will definitely be stopping by for a burger! Cant wait!

  13. murderburger Says:

    Hello sarahmariee from Los Angeles, just so you know we serve Crips on Tuesdays, Bloods on Wednesdays and Misc. Mexican street gangs on Thursdays from 2.

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