War in Congo. Hints and Tips.

war_in_congo_22.jpgTip 51: When on patrol never volunteer to go on point.

Tip 52: When there are 5 of you but only 4 guns make sure you’re not the one left with just a stick.

Tip 53: If there is someone in your group that everyone finds annoying make sure you put him on point.  Give him the stick.


4 Responses to “War in Congo. Hints and Tips.”

  1. trevenator Says:

    Yay, you’re back.

    • murderburger Says:

      Yeah sorry about that fellas. I opened up a second front by committing war with Russia and it’s taken way more time and resources then originally anticipated.

  2. maurogdark Says:

    Makes me wonder, if you wear a Pants of Camouflage +3 with a cursed Shirt of Eyebleeding Vividness, do they cancel each other out or are you still impossible to miss from like a mile away?

  3. zupamega Says:

    Well I hope she was worth it!

    Glad ur back, you make 5 o’clock come that little bit sooner you cunny funt


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