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February 26, 2009



Meanwhile… in Japan…

February 25, 2009


The Chinese TRON divisions are so far ahead of out puny military.

February 25, 2009


Relaxing after a hard day of not eating bacon.

February 25, 2009


Respect the outdoor embellishments!

February 25, 2009


Marketers in Europe use homo-erotic bear to push orange flavoured drink.

February 23, 2009


Marketing Manager: “Let’s use a good looking male model as our spokesperson”

Brand Manager: “Great idea, women with kids love good looking guys and his muscled physique will push a message of health without us having to justify any health benefit”

Advertising Agency: “OK, but what about the kids? How about we make the man also a bear so he appeals to kids as well!”

Marketing Manager: “Love it! Also I think we should pose him in a dramatic fashion to show he’s active.. not a couch potato”

Brand Manager: “How about we get some famous photographer to pose the model for us? Someone who works with lots of buff models… like that Mapplethorpe guy?”

Advertising Agency: “Never heard of him… but sure!”

Four weeks later.

Graphic Designer: “Let me get this straight… you want me to illustrate a gay bear licking his lips and stroking a bottle of orange drink. And then put that bear next to a product with a name that looks a lot like the word for female¬†genitalia?”

Advertising Agency: “Just do your job.”

Al Gore offsetting.

February 23, 2009


Mind currently boggling.

February 23, 2009


This dentist is either really, really good or really, really bad. Or maybe just really, really bad but in a good way. 

NOTE: I have deliberately steered away from any “looking for oral attention” type jokes in this post even though I’ve more or less implied it anyway. I struggle with my inner child on most occasions.

Optimus Prime. Shit at giving directions.

February 23, 2009


Cost associated with differing methods of murder for hire involving unscrupulous acts.

February 23, 2009