New billboard drama.


Wow! Our new billboard has only been up for 24 hours and already it’s been taken down. But get this, it hasn’t been taken down because someone has complained, it’s been taken down because the billboard company (iSite) thought that potentially someone could complain sometime in the future! This is truly bizarre! It’s like being sent to jail – not because you’ve done something bad, but because you look like the sort of person who might possibly at some stage in the future do something that actually warrants getting sent to jail.

The iSite person said they would give us two hours to change the image somehow – by putting a paper bag over the chickens neck or something – so that the billboard could stay up.  We told him to go fuck himself.


4 Responses to “New billboard drama.”

  1. kknights Says:

    That’s retarded. Didnt iSite have to approve the ad before it was put up there? Ive worked in advertising for years, and this is right up there with one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

    Fantastic billboard, btw.

  2. trevenator Says:

    It may have been missed due to bad iSite – ROLF(Harris)MAO!
    PS. Sorry

  3. tldsfa Says:

    I reckon we complain to the Advertising Standards Authority about ISITE removing the billboard. Just need the location of the billboard to complete the complaint.
    Otherwise could contact ISITEs Chief Executive Wayne Chapman – 09 360 2327

  4. murderburger Says:

    Cheers for that tldsfa, but I reakon no one learns anything by being hit over the head with a stick. Well at least I don’t. If Wayne feels the way he does, well so be it. Turns out we probably got better coverage of our free range billboard by him taking it down then we would have got from him just leaving it up. It’s not even that great an ad!

    In other news, the world continues to turn.

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