Wild Boar now on the menu!


Through a long convoluted series of events that I can’t write about me and Paul ended up down country drinking in a pub with a couple of hard bastards who hunt pigs for a living. They were both top blokes and took us out the next day in this crusty old helicopter to bag a couple of pigs. It was the best day ever and we ended up with five boars and a couple of sows. Paul also ended up with two broken ribs.

Since then we’ve been working on a way to bring wild boar onto the menu because Gavin reckoned he can get us “all the little bastards you want as long as the helicopter’s working”. So as of last week we’ve added a Double Beef and Wild Boar Bacon burger to the menu.

If you’ve had wild pig bacon before you’ll understand why we’re stoked about this – and we’ve already had a couple of guys come in four nights in a row just to get the exact same burger. Generally though, chicks absolutely hate it.


2 Responses to “Wild Boar now on the menu!”

  1. sverdloff1 Says:

    Almost worth a 5 hour drive for a burger.

    I am intrigued about how the ribs got broken.
    A very funny and embarrassing story I hope.

  2. salmatt Says:

    What kind of hard bastards use helicopters?
    I want them wrestling the little fucker with their hands before i eat it…

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