we’re a happy family me, mum and daddy.


Both symbolic themes of the right to bear arms and the right to bear children have been cleverly hidden in this one poignant image.


6 Responses to “we’re a happy family me, mum and daddy.”

  1. trevenator Says:

    Disturbing. This picture reminds me of one of those Escher drawings of impossible objects.

  2. sverdloff1 Says:

    This looks like an actual Stockholm Syndrome incident.

  3. sbjesus Says:

    The worst thing is you just know he has a boner.

  4. bobbones Says:

    It’s widely known that only small percentage of Americans own a passport. Of that number even fewer travel overseas. Although these fact are generally a source of derisible laughter, when considered in light of this picture, we should consider it a blessing.

  5. rockermocking Says:

    i really hate comments from people like bobbones because you know they come from people who have not been to america.

    honestly, i’m surprised no one commented on the grossly visible stretchmarks. I’m right on with the Escher comment. this picture makes no sense at all.

  6. bobbones Says:

    Rockermocking, FYI, I’m European and have extensively travelled the States. As a matter of fact I come from the same town Escher is from, so go figure that one out, you hick.

    Agreed: the stretchmarks are wrong.

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