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Opening hours over the next few days…

December 27, 2008



street vandalism at its finest

December 27, 2008

kung_fu_panda_is_realSomeone out there is setting bold, new standards for all petty criminals.

one black eye coming up.

December 27, 2008


that should do it.

December 27, 2008



December 27, 2008


Donald Duck in real life.

December 22, 2008


This guys 15 minutes of fame is probably going to last 6 to 8 weeks I’d say.

my little pony

December 22, 2008


In my spare time I like to go hunting or do a bit of off road biking on this old Honda XR I got off a mate after he used it to break both his legs. Other people have other hobbies.

As an aside i’ve been sitting here looking at this picture for the last 10 minutes wondering how you put the last hoof on your hand if your hobbie is to dress up like a bondage horse. Surely you’d need someone else to give you a hand with that last little bit?

meanwhile… in Japan

December 17, 2008

pepsiwhiteflavorApparently the new milky yogurt flavoured Pepsi is a big hit in Japan right now, currently outselling Whale flavoured Coke 2 to 1.

The gangster formally known as Prince

December 17, 2008

purple-authority-366x500Folding stock style automatic weapon – check!

Purple metrosexually styled camouflage hoodie -check!

Miscellaneous weight – check!

Aunty Nola’s suburban kitchen backdrop – check!

Mad cash -yet to be acquired 

Bitches – yet to be acquired

Terrorists subdued by colourful new season fabrics.

December 16, 2008

India ShootingAPTOPIX India Shootingarrest3These are a couple of guys that have been nabbed in India for helping out with the recent terrorist bombings.   I like the cheerful head gear the Indian police have used to hide their identities. You’ll also notice the terrorist on the left has his shirt neatly tucked into his underpants as an added fashion statement. Nice work.