How to complain properly.


Just got an email from a girl called Aimee that goes like this:


“Your burgers are pretty sweet, big fan of the chicken bacon and avo, but to be honest I’m not sure if I’ll come back. The service is terrible! Last time I was there the line was massive, once we got to the counter the chick answered the phone (while the chick making fries sat watching) the other guy serving went off somewhere to watch someone make paties instead of serving the mass line, then our girl took yet another phone order while we stood there. THEN had a meltdown working out how to half $33.60, after she charged me too much got out her cell phone to work it out.
Seems like a novel but there was just so much that went wrong, gutted cos the burger was actually nice”


Poor Aimee had a shocker, but even when she was venting in her email to us she sounded so sweet and nice and almost apologetic. Aimee would most likely be quite an awesome girlfriend because even when you did something really stupid my gut feel is that she would only be angry for about half an hour and then everything would go back to normal so you wouldn’t have to only watch the telly programs she liked for the next week.

She also can work out half of $33.60 in her head without using the calculator function on a cellphone which means she’s smarter then 80% of the people I know including me. 

That said, Aimee needs to learn to throw her toys a bit more and have a good old screaming rant. It’s very liberating and I’ve found it generally gets a better result.

So in future, if Aimee or anyone reading this has a crap experience at Murder Burger  – don’t just put up with it – start yelling right there and then in the store until your shit gets sorted or someone takes you outside for a good old fashioned punch-up. Either way you’ll feel better.

Don’t let anyone try and make you feel bad by pretending to cry either. Even if it’s one of the guys.


PS. Half of $33.60 is $16.80 if anyone is interested.


3 Responses to “How to complain properly.”

  1. trevenator Says:

    OK – So do you deliver to New Plymouth?

  2. murderburger Says:

    Yes. $5.60 for courier or $2.20 for standard post.

  3. trevenator Says:

    LOL – damn, I can’t complain.

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