Join the Society of Meat and become one of Murder Burger’s special elite


Originally we’d organised with one of the breweries a whole bunch of free beer to giveaway to Society of Meat members but then we found out that giving away beer is kind of illegal and we had a visit from the police about it.  So now the whole thing has changed to more of a loyalty scheme where Society of Meat members get to come to a bunch of Murder Burger events (that we haven’t organised yet), get entered into Murder Burger competitions (that we haven’t organised yet) and get some free stuff every now and again (which we haven’t organised yet0.

Hell, we’re not even sure what that free stuff will be so we’re just playing that one by ear as well. It’s a bit annoying that we couldn’t go with the beer because that would have been super easy and everyone would have been totally into it. Except for Constable James Williams and his partner whose name I’ve forgotten

But anyway, you should still probably join by filling out one of the forms next time you come in.


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