Into centaurs? Wanna join a mighty herd?

Not sure how it happens but some guys never seem to get past being 8 years old.  Except for the dressing up like a horse part. I don’t know any 8 year olds that wanted to be a horse. Even the girls didn’t want to be a horse.  Also, when you’re a “Centaur” from San Diego’s mighty herd, who gets to be the front guy and who draws the short straw to be the back legs.  Because I reakon being the back legs would get old real quick.

Also also, if the front guy commited a crime would the back guy have to go to jail as well? I think he should.


2 Responses to “Into centaurs? Wanna join a mighty herd?”

  1. retailanonymous Says:

    And what do the two front-people do while their back halves are having sex? Do they make small talk? Can the front girl turn around and talk to the front guy, or does she have to stay facing the front?

    I’m so confused.

  2. january12 Says:

    The very strange part of the poster is the sentence at the end “Vi ses snart” which means “See you later” in Swedish. Why would a Centaur from San Diego even know Swedish?
    I’m Swedish myself but I don’t know any Centaurian!

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