Murder Burger advert breaks rules by breaking no rules.

Had a weird conversation with ‘Advertising Standards Authority’ today about one of our ads for the Auckland store. Seems we can’t run it anymore because it breaches some sort of something. 

Me: “Is it because of the picture of the guy? Because you can’t see his willie or anything”

Them: “No the picture is fine, it’s the line we have the problem with”

Me: “So if I took the line off the picture we could still run the ad?”

Them: “Yep, that would be fine”

Me: “Is it because we aren’t allowed to say ‘pooh’? Because I’ve been saying that since I was 2, and if we banish the word from everyday use I’m not sure what kids will do when they need to have a crap – because I’m pretty sure “Mum I need to have a shit” isn’t going to fly in most households”

Them: “Well, you can say ‘pooh’ and you can have the line if you don’t have the photo”

(5 seconds silence)

Me: “So let me get this straight. The line is OK without the picture, and the picture is OK without the line, but when I put the OK line with the OK picture everything is no longer OK.”

Them: “Yes, that’s right”

Me: “Wow…. this is the first time I’ve ever known two rights to make a wrong”

Them: “Indeed”


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