Boxed ticked. Move on.

Had to add a bunch of signs to the store today to get our ‘food service certificate’ signed off by the powers that be. Turns out, as long as you get your point across you can pretty much say whatever you want.


6 Responses to “Boxed ticked. Move on.”

  1. sonofxod Says:

    Enough already, are you ever going to flip a burger?

  2. murderburger Says:

    Up and running as we speak. Except for right now (8:45pm Thursday) because we just ran out of buns. Which was actually my fault because it turns out I can’t use a calculator for crap.

  3. E Says:

    you should sell these.
    I definitely want them for my home.

  4. murderburger Says:

    Jeepers E, what sort of crazy ass house do you live in?

  5. E Says:

    well, not a brothel.
    but there’s three cats, probably some mild debauchery and some heresy.
    not-to-mention some cynically quixotic angst.

  6. murderburger Says:

    And here’s me thinking you were just some safety conscious B&D enthusiast.

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