Mostly Redundant

I always thought it was weird for food places to have a website that told you all about their food.  The way I figure it you have already heard their food is either great or suck and having a website saying “Hey, we’re actually awesome” is going to make bugger all difference to you going there.

Hell, the only reason we bought this URL in the first place was to stop someone else from getting it so we’re just going to use it to post interesting stuff and then claim it all back as a tax expense under the broad term “marketing”.



One Response to “Mostly Redundant”

  1. shapertom Says:

    Dunno what your contact details are so I’ll say this here:
    I’m giving you two enthusiastic thumbs up! For the burgers, that are delicious ( well I’ve only tried one so far, but my friends seemed to like the ones they had ) and for your sense of humor.
    Great stuff…
    Good luck with everything!

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