Internet earns itself free beer.

Somehow our “staff wanted” ad attached itself to the internet and then went on a trip around the world. Poor old Geordie got over a thousand applicant emails from pretty much most countries that we had ever heard of and we made him stay up till 4am replying to as many as possible. There was some pretty funny stuff in there – and some stuff that might be pretty funny if we could actually read Korean, Croatian, Polish and whatever language it is that goes “adfaf djjylk yulkigh reshemm”. One guy wanted to know if he could come and live in our basement, I guess as some sort of gimp, and another girl just sent Geordie a picture of her and her friends making out in a spa pool.  I bet the NZ Immigration Department gets sent emails like that all the time.

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4 Responses to “Internet earns itself free beer.”

  1. andrewq Says:

    Hey I applied too! I’m confused though, is this a legit burger place, or not? I seriously can’t tell anymore…. If by some off chance this is a secret awesome manufacturing plant, I be the character artist. Dibs. I call dibs.

  2. murderburger Says:

    Dibs called. You’re in.

  3. justas71 Says:

    So did you guys at Murder Burger stick the staff wanted ad up on Flickr or was it just some random peoples who uploaded them to Flickr? Serious answer wanted please.

  4. murderburger Says:

    The truth of what happened with the Staff Wanted ad.

    Geordie: Where the hell is the ad for staff I asked for two weeks ago!

    Me: Bro, I’ve been totally snowed but it’s definitely on my list of shit to get done..

    Geordie: Well what the hell am I supposed to do.. we’re opening in three weeks and we’ve got no staff!

    Me: Putting a sign on a window is going to make bugger all difference.. I thought you had a bunch of guys lined up who were all sweet anyway?

    Geordie: Yeah, well as of last week that all turned to shit because of the brother of this girl I’ve been seeing..

    Me: What?

    Geordie: It’s a frickin long story and I don’t want to talk about it. I just need that sign today.

    Me: ok, ok, i’ll bang it out this morning (grumble)

    8 minutes later.

    Me: Here’s your ad.

    3 minutes later ad goes on window.

    The End.

    As far as I can remember that’s pretty much how it went, and have no idea who took a photo and put it on Flickr.

    Of course, when I write my 600 page book called “Empowering your brand through Social Networking and the Internet” I’ll say it was the end result of five weeks of complicated strategy.

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