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We’re open. Rock on WOOOOh.

September 25, 2008


Boxed ticked. Move on.

September 25, 2008

Had to add a bunch of signs to the store today to get our ‘food service certificate’ signed off by the powers that be. Turns out, as long as you get your point across you can pretty much say whatever you want.

Cameron outs himself.

September 23, 2008

We were listening to old Misfits albums in the Ponsonby store today and Cameron told us a classic story about how a car stopped on the side of the road to ‘pick him up’ after a Misfits show he’d been to in the late 90’s. The car was driven by a woman in her 30’s and she asked him “How much for me and my friends?” pointing to the other occupants of the car who were two guys in their 40’s. It took Cameron ages to figure out he was being solicited.  

I never knew what a bisexual hooker looked like before. Apparently they look like Cameron.

Japan is just one huge ball of win.

September 23, 2008

This picture pretty much sums up why Japan is culturally recession proof and always gets front row seats at the UN.


September 22, 2008


Just got an email from Russia. Turns out there’s three girls from St Petersburg who saw our ad on the net and are now planning on coming over  to NZ to work for us and have a look around the country over summer! They also sent us some pictures but we can’t post them.. if you know what I mean.

Internet earns itself free beer.

September 21, 2008

Somehow our “staff wanted” ad attached itself to the internet and then went on a trip around the world. Poor old Geordie got over a thousand applicant emails from pretty much most countries that we had ever heard of and we made him stay up till 4am replying to as many as possible. There was some pretty funny stuff in there – and some stuff that might be pretty funny if we could actually read Korean, Croatian, Polish and whatever language it is that goes “adfaf djjylk yulkigh reshemm”. One guy wanted to know if he could come and live in our basement, I guess as some sort of gimp, and another girl just sent Geordie a picture of her and her friends making out in a spa pool.  I bet the NZ Immigration Department gets sent emails like that all the time.

Click here for bigger.


September 21, 2008


September 21, 2008

This is an actual poster in Australia. I like how they use a racial sterotype in their own anti-racism poster. Either Australia has a long way to go or Australia is so far ahead of us it’s not even funny.

The street vandalism bar just got lifted

September 21, 2008

I just can’t make up my mind for some reason.

September 21, 2008